- About Jack

i'm a SAHM to 5 kids. a former social worker holding a BSW, i became very involved with helping other mothers to breastfeed their babies when i began tandem nursing my 1st two. i was trained by and volunteered these services at a local hospital for many years. i specialized in helping mothers to nurse multiples as well as extended breastfeeding. now that i have 3 children with severe, multiple and life-threatening food allergies, i am helping more and more mothers to breastfeed their own children with food allergies -it has become my latest specialty i am constantly researching and learning about - as well as living with- as i continue to tandem nurse my own food allergy children toward child-led weaning. i am planning to collaborate with a friend on a professional site for food allergy support, info and consultations with special focus on breastfeeding these children, in the near future. i have also created and sell a top 8 allergen plus corn free cookie that is all organic and GMO free - as well:  Skinny Lou Allergy Cookies. in all my spare time, i also hope to write a book about raising multiple and severe food allergy children today. i really feel food allergy children are the canaries in the coal mine, showing us what our world is doing to our most vulnerable inhabitants. i love sharing and learning about the experiences of other families dealing with the same or similar issues.