Oscar Winning Documentary : The Cove

Just watched the Oscar winning movie The Cove. I knew it had to do with the mass killing of dolphins in a small town in Japan. I was ready for that (actually it took me 2 weeks to make myself watch it). But I was not ready for the bigger underlying part of this story... the poisoning of our oceans and the mercury poising. The dolphin meat is high in mercury. So why do they feed it to their people? Well it's something about tradition for the Japanes. Animal Right Activists are right in defending these helpless dolphins.

In the special features on the DVD there's a small film called "The Cove: Mercury Rising". This small film is worth renting the film for. Scientists talk about mercury rising and it's seeming correlation to Autism among other rising diagnosis. I wish I could find it on YouTube but have not found it yet. I'll keep checking.


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