What are you doing to change your receipt handling?

Register Receipts May Be A Source of Bisphenol-A

NPR interview with Janet Raloff   click on link to listen to Science Friday interview.

Three studies point to receipts as a possibly significant source of the chemical bisphenol-A, according to Science News. While bisphenol-A isn't regulated, the government has suggested minimizing exposure to it. Science News senior editor Janet Raloff discusses the finding.

and as you already know DO NOT RECYCLE YOUR RECEIPTS if you do not know if they contain BPA or not. 
Here's a link on that information:

Trashing BPA Receipts




Nancy Cuevas Weimann said...

I get angry when i'm handed a receipt and since I ran a bunch of errands today..it was bugging me a lot. Feed store, two pet stores, coffee shop, and library. I finally said something at the library. I picked up 5 books on hold and each one had a little slip of thermal printer paper with my name and date to pick up by. I pulled them all out and asked the lady at the counter if they recycled them. She took them and proudly said yes we shred them then recycle them. I smiled and said... well there is a concern about recycling thermal paper because about half of the thermal receipts contain BPA. Do you know if your thermal paper contains BPA? She turned red and said ..no I dont. but I will find out. So I felt much better about myself for saying something! then she tried to hand me the long book receipt. I said " I dont want that!" and the lady behind me laughed. She was probably listening ;)

So I came home all proud for having said something knowing that the books I brought home probably have millions of little particles of BPA between their pages... will have to wear gloves to read my books! hehe... but I also decided to go a step further and email a few places.

1. the district library
2. Bank of America
3. Costco
4. Papa Murphy's

I have way more places to email but I feel good about taking the time to make these places aware.

Please post on what you have or will decided to do about this issue.


Nancy Cuevas Weimann said...

only heard back from
Papa Murphy's and Costco.

Did not hear back from Bank of America or our Library. Will have to follow up on them. Will also add more on my list of companies needing to notify if they know the potential exposure of BPA in their receipts and health concerns for their customers and employees...

I have been putting my receipts as soon as they enter the house into a large ziploc bag. I will just change the bag every year. (I get the bags from my iherb.com orders when ordering the big tub of organic coconut oil and elderberry concentrate.)

Please, Please, Please say something when you see a pregnant cashier that is working with thermal print receipts... have her ask to see if they contain BPA for her sake!...thanks!

here are their responses...
Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for contacting Papa Murphy’s with your question. We do appreciate your concern regarding the chemical BPA and cash register receipts.

Although we understand your concern, the majority of Papa Murphy's stores are individually owned by franchisee owners. Within our stores there are several cash register systems that are being used and several choices for cash register receipt paper. We will share information concerning BPA and cash register receipt paper to alert our store owners of this potential issue.

Thank you again for contacting Papa Murphy's.


Jennifer A. Tamayo | Consumer Listening
Papa Murphy’s Intl. | d 800.257.7272 | f 360.260.0500 www.papamurphys.com


Dear Nancy,

We appreciate you taking the time to email Costco Wholesale.
I am forwarding your inquiry to our product specialist for review. I will contact you with more information as soon as I receive it. Thank you in advance for you patience in this matter.

Thank you,

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Nancy Cuevas Weimann said...

Last week I picked up a book from the library and asked the lady at the counter if she knows if the reciepts are able to be recycled. A lady behind her piped up and said that they are free of BPA and can be recycled. THANK GOODNESS!!! I did not officially hear back from the email I sent out. But this is great!

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