Green Tea Healing Day 3 - Before & After

These are the before & after pictures. I started spraying 'Lou twice daily with the Green Tea on Tuesday 6/14/11 and today is Friday 6/17/11.

There's been a delay in getting the steroid and antihistamine his Allergist prescribed, so I've just continued with the Green Tea this week. The night before last, He was so non-itchy after his morning spray, that I skipped his bedtime spray. He woke at 3 am and scratched incessantly until neither of us could sleep. He begged me to spray him again. We got up and put him in the shower and I sprayed him down thoroughly.

I did the blowdry from afar routine and then put a light, loose t-shirt on him and carried him back to bed with me. He was sound asleep while his skin was still slightly damp. I just can't get over what a miracle this is. I am used to kissing any sleep good bye, listening to him cry for hours, nursing all night, trying to find anything to distract him...and being a total mombie the next day. I couldn't even sleep after he fell back to sleep, because my body is so trained to stay awake when he wakes up itching like that! (Thank goodness FB is there 24/7!)

Now that it turns out his medication was never going to get here on time anyway, I am even more grateful my Dr. mentioned this remedy to me, because I know from past experience what
condition he'd be in by now after 3 days of a raging atopic breakout with nothing to help stop the reaction. His skin would probably be infected by now and he probably wouldn't be sleeping or eating and would have lost a lot more weight than he actually did this time. Now I'm actually sitting here thinking I may not need the meds at all !!

I've already written about how the Green Tea stopped the itching and inflammation, but I was worried it was drying out his skin to do so and we'd still be left with dry, fragile and flaky skin that was cracking and not healing - just as if he'd been on the meds. I have been frantically trying to think of a way to get the Green Tea into a moisturizing suspension like a salve or balm to help heal and moisturize his skin at the same time that it removes the inflammation and itch. His skin has been rough, flaky, peely and cracked at the creases and moving parts for the first 2 days of this treatment.

Today I am astounded to notice a normal bit of shine coming back to his skin. The tiny scabby reaction sores are completely gone. The cracks are getting smaller. When you run your hand over his arm or leg, it no longer feels like large-grit sandpaper - in fact, it hardly feels like sandpaper at all now. The flaking has also stopped and absolutely all the redness has been gone for over a day. He ALWAYS has pronounced red rings around his eyes and red streaks down his cheeks in reaction mode.

Just wanted to keep interested readers updated on this experiment and put up some
'Before and After' pics. As always, I'd love to hear anybody else's experiences with it!


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