thank yous

i heard back from morton pharmaceuticals - they make atarax, an antihistamine that has only the following corn-derived ingredients:
alcohol, .5%
citric acid
propylene glycol

it also contains 'liquid sugar', which i suspected must be corn. they have assured me that it is *not* a source of corn, but comes from cane and beet sugars only. that makes atarax the second antihistamine with the least corn, after the adult tablet form of 'periactin', which only has 1: microcrystaline cellulose.

i also found out that physician's compounding pharmacy in bloomfield hills, (michigan) is an absolutely fabulous resource and ally when you have special needs for medications. karen has put up without about 100 phone calls from me and listened patiently to my litany of additive restrictions & concerns. she has searched diligently and today came up with a source outside of our country for totally corn-free periactin and is still tracking down the orapred. they are able to ship the medications right to me and include forms to request our insurance to reimburse us for the cost.

as usual, mary kay at beverly hills pediatrics is always there when i need her and is getting a packet together of all the tests - immune system function & genetic - that we've had done on 'lou as well as a current graph of his growth to bring to the new specialist.

dr. bahrainwalla at royal oak allergy and asthma center also has my gratitude and esteem - especially for opening his mind and listening to 'lou & i, even when it didn't make sense or match his own tests and training. dr.s like that are very hard to find!

i feel very lucky to keep finding such caring and supportive professionals to work with 'lou's concerns - mary kay (and justin!) are the main reasons i stayed with beverly hills pediatrics when dr. cheryl left and dr. bryzik is managing to fill those big shoes, tho i'm sure we're not anybody's choice of a 1st patient! and physician's compounding pharmacy has a grateful and loyal new customer who will be referring any other allergy parents with similar concerns their way!


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