todsay is the 3rd day that 'lou and i have been on the rice-only diet. well, almost. we still have to have our smoothies in the morning. but other than the fruit and flax seeds in that, it's all rice, all the time. and his improvement is drastic and amazing. today his skin has lost the rough, raspy dry flakiness. for 6 wks now, he's been scratching me up like sandpaper with his ankles, wrists and knees. even with having gone to the pool, his skin has returned to shiny smooth baby softness. you can even see the difference in the pics i've posted here.

he still has a few pimple-like bumps, but they are more isolated and not nearly as inflamed and large as they were before. i'm dying to find out what new thing(s) caused this most recent setback, eliminate them and get him completely back to baseline. he just slept for a full night for the 1st time in over a month last night. we should have the results tomorrow or tuesday. i'm hoping for tomorrow before i go into rice toxicity dementia.

i've been ramping up the research efforts about multiple severe allergy kids in general and keep finding references to doing a strict elimination diet temporarily with the goal in mind to trial food back in w/in 3 months at the most. everything says avoiding it for about that long should help the body heal enough to begin tolerating it again after the 'break'.

~so what's different about my child that we've been doing it for 2 yrs now and he's only gotten more allergic?
~if he's really such a totally new and rare kind of case, shouldn't his dr.s want to research and study and learn all they can about such an extreme and fluky example of allergies? shouldn't they be sharing info w/ other experts in the field to learn how to support, educate and advise a patient like this?

questions for the dr. tomorrow !


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