a peek into my world.

i had the following convo this am & had to share:

me: "it's time to go - "where are 'lou's shoes, you know - the doc marten's?"
jonah: "which are those? did they used to be jake's?"
me: "yes, the black hand-me-down shoes that he just grew into."
jovie: "and were they bo's, too?"
me: "yes, you know, they're black with thick soles & yellow laces, he wears them all the time now - have you seen them?"
jonah: "were they mine, too?"
me: "yes, you loved them & helped me pack them away for the next baby - do you know the ones i mean now? where are they?"
jonah: "were they get-wet shoes or not?"
me: "not, they'll get ruined if you get them too wet."
jovie: "were they mine, too - or are they just ugly boy shoes?"
me: "ugly boy shoes, you never liked them."
jovie: "was he wearing them yesterday?"
me: "yes! those are the ones! the doc martens! where did he put them?"
:::long pause as they all look at each other:::
jovie: "we have no idea what you're talking about."

:::fast forward 20 minutes and i have found them down in the costume bin:::
me: "THESE are the ones, THESE are the doc martens, NOW do you guys know what i was talking about?"

jovie & 'lou get those light bulb expressions and exclaim almost in unison:
"OH! you mean the waspy SPIDOODLE STRING shoes!!! why didn't you say so?!"


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