vote for green and bitchy!

i am honored to have been nominated into 'circle of moms' top 25 food allergy mom blogs list.
if you enjoy this blog and like speculating beyond the food allergies, EE and other epidemic-proportion diagnoses our kids are getting these days to what might be causing them...and you suspect that finding more natural ways to nourish and nurture our children might be the key...then vote for greenandbitchy!

you can vote as often as once every 24 hours until 11/16. i'm delighted to have been nominated - thank you to whomever suggested my blog - and thank you all for the support!

this is a very exciting competition and we have a little less than 2 weeks to go! i have been hanging in at the top 3 spots by the skin of my teeth and even made it to #1 a few times - thank you for the support and votes and keep it coming!



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