just to keep things interesting and possibly my "supermom" credentials current (or my FB statuses lively), my other children have decided to give 'lou a run for his money. 

in may, bo's ankle was broken at school when another boy collided with him in gym class.

 during the last week of school, jonah and i were riding bikes to school when he collided with the vehicle of a neighbor backing out of her (view-obstructed) driveway. he was totally fine after an ER exam (so thankful for helmets and the knowledge to insist on them every single time!), but i am sure any new grey hairs i find will all have his name on them. plus i think he didn't have to sustain any actual injuries because he's already doing his part to keep me on my toes by having joined the throng of my children with food allergies now.

not to be outdone, jovie waited until father's day and the 1st weekend of summer vacation to leap off our swingset and break her arm. (okay, she might have actually done it for the opportunity to explore her love of fashion and accessorizing - on a cast. yes, that's glitter paint and a hot-glued  fabric butterfly. only because she couldn't actually bedazzle it.)

 what's that saying about the powers that be never giving us more than we can handle and wishing they didn't have quite so much faith in us? yeah, that.

hopefully jake's state of exhaustion resulting from impending teenagerhood will keep him safe and uninterested in competing. i mean, what's the worst that can happen to you from a summer based on only sleeping and eating? ;-P

evidently seeking to assure her dominant status, jovie has pulled ahead in the race to outdo each other in the category of bodily harm by gashing her head on a corner molding last night, requiring staples in her head. if i give her a glittery trophy and tell her she won, do you think we can be done now?


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