Products that rock our itchy world

Seroyal Genestra Products - HMF Forte Capsules by Seroyal Genestra - Professional Supplement Center  (medical- grade probiotics that are truly vegan and allergen-free. we get HMF Forte - because any real healing needs to begin in the gut.)

NaturOli™ | Soap Nuts - Basic Directions for Washing Laundry (the only thing our severe multiple food allergy and chemically sensitive kid can tolerate his clothes being washed in - and who knew they'd come out *so soft* with no buildup or fragrance whatsoever!)

Natural Sources Elderberry Juice Concentrate 16 oz 726511261166 (this is a fantastic source of vitamin c as well as immune-boosting properties that are not corn or allergen derived.)

Vitamin C - Corn-Free (a rare source of truly corn-free vitamin c - a tart, fizzy zing kids love!)

Food Allergy Shirts and other allergy alert clothing (our favorite source for fun allergy awareness clothing!)

boys : Medical ID Alert Bracelets by Fiddledee IDs (gorgeous and durable medical ID bracelets.)

Medical ID Bracelets, Medical Alert Jewelry, Medical Bracelets by (another great site for unique medical alert jewelry.)

Tubifast Read-to-Wear Garments Home Page (for severe eczema and damp or wet-wrapping at home.)

The Princess and the Peanut (favorite book for peanut princesses everywhere!)

c2o Pure Coconut Water - Naturally Isotonic, All Natural Coconut Water (what to use when you cna't have pedialyte, 7 up or gatorade for dehydration because they all contain corn - and this stuff is delicious, healthy and healing without the nasty aftertaste, dyes or artificial ingredients! my kids love it with a spritz of lemon juice.)

keeki nail polish (if you allergy child is chemically sensitive, as well -here's your place for nail polish!)

Inspired by Finn Online Shop (baltic amber and hazelwood to help with rashes and eczema.)
Hazelaid - Healing Naturally with Hazelwood, Baltic Amber, Magnetic Therapy, Hazelwod Zinc Ointment, & now Soap Nuts! (more hazelwood, baltic amber and other natural remedies for atopic symptoms.)

Medical ID Bracelets, Medical Alert Jewelry, Medical Alert Bracelets (more stylish yet affordable medic-alert jewelry.)

 PlanetBox - Eco Friendly, Stainless Steel Lunchbox for Kids (BPA and chemical free lunchbox solutions.)

Onyx Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers (more chemical and toxin-free food storage options.)

Food Allergy Shirts, Allergy Alerts and Warnings (cute and funny food allergy awareness clothing and items.)

Manuka Honey Research (best natural remedy ever for preventing skin infections!)

STAKICH, Inc top quality bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, honey, beeswax, herbal extracts, chlorella, spirulina, lecithin, American ginseng, skin creams at wholesale prices.

Therapeutic Clothing for Infants - DermaSilk (eczema-soothing clothing.)

Welcome To Cotton Comfort | Cotton Comfort(innovative eczema-soothing and skin-healing clothing woven with silver - we call these "magic jammies").

Mitten PJ Plus Organic | Cotton Comfort (more magic jammies! not sure if these also have silver in the cotton, but the soft organic cotton and covered hands and feet keep him from scratching himself bloody at night - we think these pajamas are sheer genius and he loves wearing them.)


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