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with allergy kids as severe and complicated as mine are, and then with specializing in breastfeeding dyads or triads also dealing with food allergies for my lactation work - you can bet i've learned who all the best allergy-related and allergy-friendly dr.s in our corner of michigan are! i'm sharing the wealth of my experience with you and telling it like it is - not so great with kids, long waiting times, eye candy in a white jacket - look no further for reviews for allergy-related care providers in and around oakland county!

dr. b's office has been our allergist for family members since about 1990. his office is fast-paced and high volume and offers the full regimen of allergy injections and testing. located right smack across the street from beaumont royal oak hospital, it's also very convenient for allergy blood tests. besides that, all of the dr.s here are great with kids, well-versed in complicated allergy cases and willing to take the time to really get to know their patients and family preferences for treatment. dr. b has gone way above and beyond for our complicated allergy children and i always recommend him without a moment's hesitation! he is a genuinely sweet and patient man - which is a rare compliment to be able to give a specialist. his boyish smile doesn't hurt his bedside manner, either! 
don't go right after school gets out, it's a madhouse then. they're open at 7am if you want to dash in before the crowd.

dr. mcmorris is a nationally recognized and renowned food allergy expert. he is incredibly thorough and very experienced with complicated food allergy cases. when we need new ideas or treatment options, dr. mcmorris is who we go to. i recommend asking to be placed on the appointment cancellation list to get in sooner. the wait to see him is not outrageous for a university dr.  - and a lot of the sting is taken out of it by a very thorough interview from an assistant while you wait to see him. (if you can get dr. laura howe, consider yourself lucky!) being very easy on the eyes doesn't hurt his cause for a frazzled, sleep-deprived allergy mama, either! ;-P

the modified goeckerman treatment is one option we are considering for 'lou that U of M now offers. this could possibly put him into remission for months and allow him to start school on schedule.

                                                                Devang Doshi, MD

dr. doshi is like the dr.s' dr. for allergies. he takes all the really complicated cases. he also happens to be the director of pediatric allergy and immunology as well as the director of pulmonology at children's hospital of beaumont, royal oak. the other dr.s also say he is the guy that knows the most about multiple food allergies with EE. i won't lie, getting in to see him can be harder than making an appointment with the president, but once you get in, he's worth every minute of the wait. for every minute you sit in his waiting room (and sit and wait you will) - you can be sure that's a minute he's spending on someone else's child with complicated allergy issues and he's going to spend just as many on your child if they need it. besides, we have iphones now - dr. office waits aren't the purgatory they used to be!!
i definitely recommend asking to be on the appointment cancellation list. and it will be the longest you've ever waited to hear there's been a cancellation, probably. even with 'lou's other dr.s calling to get us in, it still took longer than getting in to mcmorris at U of M or a beaumont specialist, but like i said: worth every minute of the wait. dr. doshi is an allergy genius according to all the other dr.s and has the most specialized and vast experience with the very complicated cases. he's patient, pleasant, friendly, animated, passionate and great with kids. he got on board with and added to the treatment plan for 'lou and threw himself right into pitching in to advocate for more assistance on 'lou's behalf. i can unhesitatingly and happily recommend him for cases like 'lou. 
one word of caution - if your child is extremely chemically sensitive and reacts to cloth and fabrics, put long pants on them when you visit his office - all of his chairs have fabric/upholstery and 'lou got hives from them (possibly something they were cleaned with or a flame retardant on the material).

                                                     Physicians Compounding Pharmacy
PCP is a woman-owned and operated business. Karen Raehtz is the most thorough, meticulous and conscientious health professional i have ever worked with in seeking treatment and relief for my allergy children. when it comes to cross-contamination and ingredient knowledge, if she doesn't know all about it, she won't stop researching until she does. more importantly than that, she has a heart bigger than her pharmacy. karen is in it to help people get better and it shows in all of her transactions. besides being a safe and convenient choice for food allergy people who can't take normal prescriptions or over the counter options, PCP is my top choice for domperidone for my clients with milk supply issues. i also recommend them even to out-of-state clients, as karen is happy to ship orders.

 dr. dorsey started this practice in 1959 and is still there today. we see him primarily whenever possible, and we also love dr. katherine mcgeorge! with 5 kids and hundreds of clients with new babies over the last decade, i get to know about all the pediatricians in our community - and the fact that we've stayed at BHP since 2001 says it all. they are a patient centered medical home, have saturday hours, 2 locations, after hours nurses on phone duty and advocate for their patients fiercely. plus dr. dorsey has forgotten more than most dr.s can hope to learn in a lifetime AND he rocks the old school home remedies if a patient is into natural parenting! best appointments for less waiting is the 1st one after lunch, if you can get it.

this is a therapy we were very excited to try to help desensitize 'lou with some of his food allergies. 
dr. tulin-silver is very well-respected and experienced at providing SLIT as well as regular allergy injections. the treatment didn't end up working for 'lou as he is unusually sensitive, but i still know many people personally that it has helped tremendously. this is not the office to let the kids use the farting option on 'talking tom' on ipads, iphones or itouches. inside voices are a must here. i always tried not to bring more kids along than i had to. not the most kid-friendly place i've ever been to, but if the treatment works, it's well worth a little stifling of their high energy temporarily.

dr. neuenschwander heads this alternative/naturopathic clinic. they accept some insurances, unlike most natural-based treatment options. one of the treatments offered here is LDA (formerly known as Enzyme Potentiated Desensitization (EPD) - Allergy Treatment). this is a treatment i've heard promising things about and seen great results with in allergy groups i'm in. it's something we are considering trying for 'lou, once we've completely explored the potential genetic defect aspect of his illness. aside from this treatment, dr. neu's office offers a wide range of natural-based health care options, in a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. it's the cure for the common office visit!

Castle Remedies, Homeopathic Pharmacy - Ann Arbor Michigan
one of the few truly corn and GMO-free naturopathic pharmacies i've found in michigan and the only one i use for naturopathic remedies.


we love our kids' pediatric dentist, dr. delaney, so much that he gets 2 pictures here! the only dr. we have ever met who has more kids than us, we've been seeing him since about 2002. he has been charming our babies into getting their teeth checked and filled with no pain meds or gas of any kind since they were just over a year old.  he totally works with the food allergy issues (we bring our own toothpaste in for the polishing, decline the fluoride, etc...) and is a huge supporter of natural parenting. don't want x-rays? he won't push them. don't like fluoride? he makes a note in your chart and you won't be asked again. don't want your kids going in the back without you? you can tag along! the wait is never long and the awesome staff have kept us going despite many closer options to our home. dr. delaney is fabulous with special needs children as well as anxiety and dental-phobic ones. i've never heard of any dr. going so far above and beyond to try to help his special patients. we are already upset that some day our children will be too old to keep seeing him - anybody would want him for a lifetime of dental doctoring! once again, being overly easy on the eyes isn't a crime but if it were, dr. delaney would be a felon! if you're lucky enough to go in during one of his long-hair phases, you won't be sorry. ;-P
i've referred dozens of other parents to him and never heard anything but raves about their experiences.

dr. leider is our ENT. he's the mario bros. guy. we've had tubes, eardrum punctures, a paralyzed vocal cord, and tons of other issues handled by him. allergy kids and ENT dr.s go hand-in-hand and this one is well-worth the slight drive for us. our entire family has seen him. SUPER kid-friendly office with minimal to moderate waiting room time.  i also refer all my ankylglossia (tongue tie) clients to him. 

dr. lowry has been keeping my kids chiropractically in tune since 2005ish. staying adjusted helps with the severity and duration of 'lou's atopic reactions. dr. lowry is fabulous with kids and has been adjusting most of mine since immediately after birth. i also refer my lactation clients to him for adjustment for latch, clench and tongue tie issues. one word of caution: he does the alkaline diet and eats nuts frequently. this is NOT a nut-free office. if you or your children have airborne or anaphylactic contact allergies to nuts, you might want to call ahead.


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