NJH - Days Off

This weekend was practically a blur with my sister and nephew flying in to visit from California.

We had planned to visit the zoo or children's museum, but my sister got a touch of altitude sickness! Which leads me to the biggest day off helpful tip of all: drink tons And tons of water. All the time!

We did manage to go out to eat (at watercourse - lots of vegan and gluten-free menu items we can tweak to fit our restrictions!) and experienced a hive breakout when I let 'Lou sit in the high chair. Removal from the high chair cleared up the hives. I LOVE the artwork there and 'Lou won over our initially standoffish waiter, Mr. Lucas.

Later, we ate there again for dinner and 'Lou experienced severe abdominal pains after eating a dish made of  corn and pinto beans.

 His pain was extreme and his distress genuine, so we packed up our meals and took him in to NJH to have him checked.

Dr. Fleischer's best guess was gas or cross-contamination as 'Lou has been eating corn daily with no reactions and he passed the pinto bean test with flying colors, as well. He said if the symptoms had included hives or rash, he'd be more likely to suspect a true reaction. He examined 'Lou for a rash and there was no trace of one.

By the time we got back to the hotel, he had one. On his back, belly and back of legs.

 It didn't appear to be spreading or even  itching, so i did his nightly back and moisture routine and took my sister to the airport as planned. 

He slept perfectly all night and woke up in the morning only slightly itchy and with the faintest pink areas where the rashes had been.

The hardest thing I am learning is not to assume every rash and reaction is a positive allergic response to the most recent food he's eaten. His skin is so permeable, almost anything in  his environment could be contributing. 


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