National Jewish health/Denver – Day 4

Today was frustrating. I will keep it short and sweet, as we are utterly exhausted.

Lou's appointment with the urologist from Denver Children's hospital - Dr. Campbell, was way out in the middle of nowhere (Broomfield) and somehow my GPS got me lost. After checking in, the receptionist told me blithely, "Oh yeah, we've been here over 4 years and we're still not on the GPS system correctly yet."

The treatment for his foreskin issue is extremely strong topical steroids for 12 weeks. If it does not work, he might need a circumcision.

He did a food challenge for wheat today and failed.

The only good thing today was that we got to meet my husband's cousin.

To end on a positive and helpful note, let me say that bringing overnight bags on wheels with retractable handles is another thing we have done that has helped tremendously !

Also, despite the discouraging events today, we managed to get in all three soak & seals
And get a big load of laundry done at the hospital.
AND! 'Lou is already down to only needing dry wraps on his extremities at night now, over his aquaphor.

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randomsugarwords said...

You guys are constantly on my mind. Praying that today was an easier day, and that tomorrow will be even easier. Love and hugs. Erin

Anonymous said...

was the njh okay with you taking your intact son to the hospital. i have an intact son n i would think it would b awkward if i asked a jewish hospital for medication for his foreskin. i would b worried he made out the problem was worse and circumcised him

jack said...

they were pretty good about it. not every dr. who works for them is jewish. however, the dr. who recommended the steroids and course of treatment worked at Denver Children's Hospital, not NJH and i did find out once i got home and followed w/ the top urologist in our area that the DCH dr.'s prognosis was inaccurate and his course of treatment contraindicated.

i don't know if he was jewish, but evidently he was not so familiar w/ the care of an intact penis, i guess. in our circumcision-happy nation, it can be hard to find a dr. who truly knows that leaving the intact penis alone is the best course of action and that the foreskin ever actually growing completely closed is almost unheard of. i was led to b/l it was more common in children w/ skin conditions like my son's and that there was a very good chance he would end up needing a circumcision.

we are 4 months out of denver now, our dr. here told me to stop all medications on it, stop checking it, stop telling him to try to retract it himself, just leave it 100% alone - and every last issue he was having w/ it has completely resolved.

Anonymous said...

when we went for a check up r doc said he should get cut as he has mega acroposthion it sounds worse than it is it means he has a longer than normal overhanging foreskin. he was partly retractable then n the doc said he will need 2 b circumcised as the foreskin in mega acroposthion boys can seal closed. we booked him a circumcision but we went 2 see another doc n he said he does not need a circumcision if he just retracts it 2 times in the morning after he pees n 2 times before bed after he pees n he is now 10 n does not hav a loose foreskin

Anonymous said...

i made a mistake in my last message i meant to say he does not have 2 lose his foreskin as he has no retraction problems. his foreskin is loose as in he can retract it all the way n back with no problems

Unknown said...

Having a long acroposthion isn't a disease and it certainly doesn't need treating by circumcision. He is lucky to have it. Please leave is foreskin alone.

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