National Jewish/Denver - Day 6

Today was a relatively uneventful day.

 'Lou continues to eat corn daily and seems to not have a reaction from it, which is still like Christmas every day to me.

 We challenged soy and he seemed to pass, but I'm a tiny bit dubious due to the fact that we've gone back to using topical steroids to calm down the reactions from wheat.

 Next we challenged garbanzo beans and those seemed to go fine, but I really wish his skin was clear and we weren't using topical steroids so I could be sure there was really no reaction. The staff here assure me that any food reaction would break through the very minimal and low-dose topical steroids we are using only on his isolated rashy areas.

 Our daily schedule (and these are subject to last minute change constantly) included a parent group on stress and coping. I've been there now through one group leaving and a new one arriving, and this new group seems to have a majority of respiratory system issues, so a lot of the focus in the groups and education classes is on asthma and vocal chord dysfunction now, which means my schedule has lightened.

 We took advantage of this today and left by 3:45 for the 1st time to go out to dinner with hubby's cousin and wife. "White Fence" restaurant has a fabulous allergy-aware handout about their menu, though unfortunately not many options for anyone allergic to the biggies on the top 8 (dairy, wheat, egg). But they are VERY kid-friendly with an awesome playground and horse-drawn carriage to get you back to your car in the giant parking lot.

We brought our own rice pasta spaghetti for 'Lou .

 Tomorrow we have our second meeting with Dr. Leung and I have a list of questions all ready!

 We have settled into our routine of getting to the hospital early, doing his morning soak there, throwing in our laundry and starting to figure out what is still accurate on our printed schedule for the day.

 We stay late and leave last, stopping by Watercourse for 'Lou's vegan, gluten free sugar cookie if he was very good that day.

 A couple of nights we were lulled to sleep by the melancholy rumblings of a Colorado thunderstorm. I wish the rest of our family could have joined us, they would love it.

 It's starting to feel familiar and comfortable. It's so beautiful here, I have to admit I'm going to miss it when we go back to Michigan- all this bright sunshine!

 Helpful tip of the day: if you have a food you're planning to trial for your child, go buy it yourself to bring in just in case the kitchen doesn't have it. I need to go get lentils, a few kinds of beans, tuna and sesame.


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