'Lou flew! (national Jewish/ Denver trip)

We arrived in Denver today to begin 'Lou's 2 week hospitalization at national Jewish health.

 I learned today that the reason I breast feed them so long is the same as the reason I enjoy having so many kids: it makes life easier & it makes them happier!

 I have gotten a taste of what it would be like to have an only child if I were a single parent. We miss our family and feel terribly uprooted, but I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. I hope to blog every day and describe the treatment plan and care that he receives.

From what we've seen of Denver so far, this is a beautiful place. I only have 2 other states I've lived in to compare to: California and Michigan. It's a little more like California in that if GPS says it's 4 miles away, that = 20 minutes here, whereas it's only 10 in Michigan.

There are way more stoplights here on the streets and they last a lot longer than the ones in Michigan, so that's more like California. (I can't figure out what a "double turn" is, though - lots of signs saying those aren't allowed!)

There are homeless people at every stop sign and intersection, something I'd forgotten about being a daily part of the landscape in California because even homeless people find a way to get out of Michigan and you just don't see that there. I did stop at a gas station and parked right behind one homeless man and spied his giant big gulp soda and iphone tucked away on top of his bundle behind his propped 'homeless' sign!

There seem to be tattoo parlors and legal medical marijuana shops everywhere. The people here seem free and easy and comfortable and all wear casually trendy clothing leaning toward the sporty style. Everyone seems to have tattoos everywhere, which might explain all of the tattoo shops.

In Denver, I am surrounded by Whole Foods everywhere - but in Michigan, they are far and few between.

I had forgotten what stucco buildings and real ceramic and clay roof tilings look like. Some parts of Denver remind me strongly of Pasadena, where I grew up.

I was surprised not to see bougainvillea and other lush flowering plants dripping with blossoms everywhere like summers in Michigan, but flying in on the plane and watching the landscape turn from green to brown might have something to do with that!

It reminded me of the story in our family that my maternal grandmother had mysterious allergies and illnesses so bad when living in Ohio, that Dr.s told her she had to move to a dry, arid climate or she would die. Which is the story she always told of how our family came to live in California and how she eventually ended up in the Mojave Desert there.

The driver of our car from the airport is from Africa and owns his own car service company now. His name is Nduka and the name of his company is "Duke" car services. 2 of his daughters are going to be Dr.s - in fact one works at National Jewish! - and his son is well on his way to being a pro football player. Somehow having him as our 1st contact in Denver feels like an omen of opportunities being available here that we didn't have before - as well as good fortune.


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So glad you made it there safe! :)

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