Bagged salad: How clean?

“You might think that "pre­washed" and "triple-washed" salad greens sold in plastic clamshells or bags are squeaky clean. But our recent tests found room for improvement.”

What you can do

  • Buy packages as far from their use-by date as you can find.
  • Even if the bag says "prewashed" or "triple-washed," wash the greens yourself. Rinsing won't remove all bacteria but may remove residual soil.
  • Prevent cross contamination by keeping greens away from raw meat. For more information, go to

This article appeared in March 2010 Consumer Reports Magazine.

All the small short cuts that we find just don’t seem to be short cuts. We always buy bagged lettuce for convenience for the boys. There is just no short cuts when it comes to food!


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