Quick/Convenient Breakfast Ideas

by the middle of a hectic week, we are recycling whatever works for breakfast. usually a fruit smoothie, some crispy rice cereal and fresh fruit or an avocado is what we do on wednesdays. a favorite replacement for toast & jelly is 'sesmark' bown rice crackers w/ 'st. dalfour' fruit spread. eating the same things over and over helps reduce the risk of accidental allergy exposures and helps identify immediately when one happens and what the likely culprit was.

kids like routine and enjoy doing the same things repeatedly - as any mom with a favorite episode of 'little bear' or 'dora' on dvr knows ! if you've established a routine of always eating the same things and your child gets better... and then you add something new and they suddenly regress, you know what it was right away. even though my child is at baseline now, i'm sticking to this diet and eventually will begin adding new things in slowly, one by one and wait a few wks before adding each new food.


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