Pizza for Breakfast? Really??

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is Coming to West Virginia
by Gina Telaroli

Commercials and TV promos are pretty bad these days, which is one of the main reasons not to watch a lot of television. But on Monday night I was flipping through the channels and landed on ABC’s bizarre Bachelor special. And I'm honestly glad I did because while I was mesmerized by how ridiculous and problematic The Bachelor actually is, I also saw a promo for a television show that I can’t wait to watch, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Hearing him yell out “french fries are not a vegetable” and seeing him upset that pizza is really being fed to children for breakfast was nothing short of inspiring.

The show, which premieres on March 26th, follows the famous British chef as he heads to Huntington, West Virginia. But Huntington isn't just any town, it’s the unhealthiest town in America. Upon arrival Oliver is amazed and disgusted by the processed garbage that is being fed to the children in the town by both their parents and their school system. And from the looks of the on air and online promos, the town isn’t very excited at the prospect of being told they're eating crap. It's amazing to watch the lunch ladies in the trailer tell Oliver that they think a rubbery piece of “meat” (I think that’s what it was) is good and that they enjoy eating it.

It's still somewhat amazing that a major network is going to air a show about eating healthy and fixing the lunch programs in schools. It’s a giant step forward, to be sure. Let’s just hope that American families do more than simply watch the show while eating TV dinners.

Watch the trailer below and inspire yourself to cook a healthy dinner with fresh ingredients.

*Image courtesy of Jamie Oliver
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I'm so excited to see a show like this come to America staring Chef Jamie Oliver. He's the chef that shocked the nation by showing his clients where their food came from and how it is treated before it got to their dinner plate. I've watched "You Are What You Eat" for some time now and it has really changed the way I look at food and the way I feed my family. Hopefully this show will have the same effect on our country. The British are so much more brutally honest. This show I can already tell will bring up a lot of controversy. We need it! We need a HUGE WAKE UP CALL!! So mark your calendars and PLEASE sign the petition!


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