Quick/Convenient Breakfast Ideas

mondays are back to school after the wknd, all hustle and bustle, no time for cooking a big breakfast.

many days during the week, we stick to cereal. the only brand we've found that is free of all our allergens is 'erewhon' brand 'rice twice' crispy rice cereal. we use 'tempt' brand original hemp milk on it for the baby and i - the other kids are fine w/ vanilla soy milk. we cut up strawberries and banana to put in it, as well. often the baby wants 'eden organic' strawberry applesauce or 'just apples' brand applesauce. if we're out, i will throw some apples and cherries or blueberries into our blender and make our own applesauce.

often for breakfast, we are very happy to have leftovers from the previous night's dinner, as well - there are not a lot of convenient breakfast foods made that accommodate all of our restrictions. a favorite are leftover muffins from the 'goulash & cinnamon muffins' recipe i posted - made w/ jelly centers and some fresh fruit. we call these 'nuffin muffins' because there is 'nuffin' in them that we are allergic to!

i will also heat up some 'jones dairy farm' sausage patties if everyone is hungry enough, but generally speaking, breakfast is not a big meal for us during the week. there are some brands of rice bread that we've tried, but nothing the kids ended up liking enough to eat more than once - tho softening rice bread in the microwave and then eating with toasted sesame tahini spread (a great peanut butter sub if you can't do sunbutter b/c of the corn or almond or macadamia nut butters b/c of the nuts) with some fruit spread is pretty good !


yella said...

I thank you for all of your wonderful recipes!! I have a question though, the Jones Dairy Farm Sausage Patties...are they OK for the corn allergy?? The post below shows up when I click on all the sausage patties or links of their website...
"Note that the package is coated with a grain-based talc (corn) as a processing aid. This product is available for purchase internationally"

jack said...

thank you for posting this! i don't recall that disclaimer back from when i posted this article 3 years ago, so i am not sure if they were doing it then. i will post your question and the link to this page to my favorite corn allergy group - the members there are amazing at ferreting out any corn risks as well as great alternatives! hopefully they will post comments here so any info and options are preserved.

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