Thursday Breakfast

a friend taught me this recipe (thank you, becky!) before we had allergies in this house and it was more like a dessert than a breakfast, it's been a fave of ours for years. i've adapted it to our elimination diet and it's every bit as delicious! there can be cross-contamination of gluten on oats from the crops they share, so if you are extremely gluten-sensitive, you might want to look for a gluten-free, dedicated source of steel cut oats near you - bob's red mill gluten free old-fashioned oats are great for this recipe, too!). (portions for 7 ppl eating seconds)

8 cups steel cut oats
3 cups mejool dates, finely chopped
approx 6 TBLspns coconut oil
10 cups 'thai kitchen' coconut milk (or 1/2 coconut, 1/2 'tempt' hemp if you want it less creamy/rich)

melt coconut oil in big frying pan and toast over medium heat 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly w/ a wooden spoon. place milk in sauce pan and bring to a gentle boil. add toasted oats to boiling coconut milk. stir constantly and keep at gentle rolling boil.

use empty sauce pan to heat dates and 3 cups water. using fork tines, smash and squish as they heat up and soften. when texture has become a pasty sauce, remove form heat and add 4 tsp safe vanilla.

continue to boil oats and coconut milk approx 20-25 mins. add pinch of salt, then cook 10 more mins, low. watch texture for desired thickening. mix dates sauce and oats and enjoy !


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