Shreddy Chicken Pasta Salad

Tuesday Lunch

this is one of those meals you just throw together ( literally - i never even measure the ingredients, - just use my hands) and everyone ends up loving and wanting every day. it's kind of like a healthy mac & cheese replacement.

4 boiled chicken breasts
3 boxes gluten free rice pasta, we like spirals or elbows ( generic brands available in grocery or health food stores) or 'tinkyada' fusilli (available at health food stores and some grocery stores)
olive oil, to taste & texture
'kal' brand gluten-free nutritional yeast flakes, to taste. other brands have a bitter aftertaste! (available at health food stores and some nutritional supplement/vitamin stores)
real salt, to taste
garlic powder, to taste
oregano, to taste
basil, to taste
italian seasoning herbs, to taste

boil & shred chicken breasts. boil noodles approx 12 mins and drain, giving a quick rinse w/ cold water to prevent gumminess. put noodles in giant metal mixing bowl and add chicken, mix together w/ hands, shredding chicken finely as you go. add olive oil until texture is slippery enough to mix easily, but not sloppy. add real salt, garlic and herbs, to taste. then add nutritional yeast, to taste. adding too much oil and yeast can result in a paste, so keep them in balance ! the result should be an almost cheesy-tasting chicken pasta salad that kids - & hubbies! - go crazy for. great served warm or cold, w/ a side of 'terra' brand original exotic vegetable chips. (available at health food stores).


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