Coconut Milk Ice Cream (store-bought)

Monday Dessert

we LOVE 'purely decadent' (by 'so delicious')coconut milk ice cream, available at whole foods. be sure you don't accidentally grab the soymilk based one, packaging is very similar. currently, the only flavor that eliminates all of our allergens is 'passionate mango', but we all adore it. i have since learned to make my own coconut milk ice cream at home and will be sharing that recipe, as well - but after a hard day of being chained to the stove, it's lovely to be able to sit down and eat ice cream out of a carton and know it's not going to hurt my baby ! and he needs the fat, so he's right there beside me, with his mouth open like a baby bird.


Unknown said...

I was wondering if coconut was a tree nut?

jack said...

that's a complicated one! technically, it's a drupaceous fruit seed. it's very distantly related to some of the nuts, like walnuts - but more closely related to betel nuts. many ppl who are allergic to tree nuts are fine w/ coconuts. and many ppl who are allergic to coconuts have no other tree nut allergies.

3 of my 5 children are tree nut AND peanut allergic and an enormous basis of our diet is the coconut. the best answer is to ask your dr. if he recommends having coconut in your diet based on your allergies.

Unknown said...

I asked my doctor and he told me to try a little at a time and watch for a reaction. I have allergies to tree nuts and peanuts as well as gluten, wheat, soy, corn, shellfish, tomatoes and strawberries. Your blog has helped me find other things to eat besides rice and fish, fruits and veggies. Thank you!

jack said...

you're welcome! so sorry you have the same problem as my kids, but so glad what we've learned for them can help you, too! :-)

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