Sunday Dinner

this is my favorite dinner of the week !! because it's the easiest and everyone absolutely loves it.
(portions for 7 ppl eating 2-4 bowls each, adjust accordingly)

2 jars mario battali marinara or tomato basil spaghetti sauce. available at whole foods and some other health food stores for the insane price of almost $8 a jar. this is where the never getting to eat out again pays off. @@. and yes, this is really the best tasting one for kids out of the only 2 choices w/out corn that are available - take my word for it, the search for plain old kid-friendly spaghetti i didn't have to stew and boil and make myself from the ground up has been a long, bitter and hard-won victory! this sauce is so good i heat it up and drink it to replace campbell's canned tomato soup!

4 bags tinkyada brand rice spaghetti noodles.
2 lbs hamburger (organic is best, but regular kind doesn't seem to contain corn or any other allergens, either) - or simply omit for vegan meal.
2 lbs/approx 12 patties jones dairy farm sausage patties - if you want a little more kick in the flavor!
cook hamburger in frying pan until done or heat up sausage according to preferred choice. (we microwave it & then chop it up)
OR omit meat to make it *vegetarian - you hardly need it with this delectable sauce!

place jars of sauce in large sauce pan and bring to simmer. add meat and simmer while pasta cooks.
boil huge pan of water, add pasta. boil for approx 12 minutes, strain and rinse off w/ cold water, according to directions. if you don't do this w/ rice pasta, it will get gummy. if you do, it's perfect and you can hardly tell it's not wheat. serve immediately w/ sauce ladeled on top and mixed thoroughly w/ noodles to keep them hot after the cold rinse.

if your kids are like mine, they are going to want plain or butter noodles after they've eaten a bowl or 2 w/ sauce. we used to use butter (dairy), then went to a dairy free form, but that was made from corn, so now we just give them a dash of olive oil and salt on their plain noodles and they love it. this meal was our staple when we were 1st learning what we could eat, we probably had it 3-4 x's a week sometimes!


Sarah Torgerson said...

Man, I wish my husband would eat the tinkyada pasta. Personally, I think it is the best rice pasta out there. I just found some GF pasta at our local discount store! 1.99 a bag!!!!

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