Convenient/Quick Lunch Snacks

Saturday Lunch

the pancakes are so filling and we eat late on saturdays because the kids all have morning swim class, so we're often not hungry on saturdays for lunch, so we just forage for convenient items like:
honey crisp apples,
mandarin oranges,
avocados w/ lemon juice and dash of real salt
whole foods 365 brand original vegetable chips (check labels carefully, there are a lot of these out there but very few w/out corn or wheat - the costco brand has wheat and the veggie straws at whole foods also have corn or wheat) dipped in
organic refried pinto beans
'lundberg' apple cinnamon or brown rice rice cakes (these are the only 2 safe flavors currently)
'applegate farms' uncured turkey bologna or some brown rice w/ olive oil & salt w/ some peas and sliced grapes.


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